Why I Created Anybody Consulting


    Finding a technology consultant sucks, finding technology contracts sucks

    The market has challenges

    • as a client it can be difficult to find experts with the speciality you need
    • as a technology expert you have to spend time marketing your business and networking in addition to your regular day to day
    • solutions exist and they have their positives, but they have also have their drawbacks

    The existing solutions seem to suffer common issues

    Drawbacks with existing solutions (from a user perspective)

    • hefty fees, sometimes up to 20% of a contract’s value
    • “5 stars” for one user is not “5 stars” for another. One may value price over communication or vice versa
    • even if someone has “5 stars” you still have to do considerable research to verify
    • potential race to the bottom and focus on hourly rates vs “getting the job done right”
    • finding local providers is difficult
    • fears of a site’s bias towards clients over contractors since the clients are the ones paying

    Drawbacks with existing solutions (from a business perspective)

    • “platform leakage” - customers using a platform to connect, but completing the transaction offline to avoid fees (See: Homejoy)
    • costs of providing customer service and contract mediation
    • legal questions of whether your users are employees or contractors (see: Uber)

    The three things we’re doing differently

    1. People don’t like fees: be free (or at least really cheap)

      Anybody Consulting does not charge any fees or require signup to view listings.

    2. Let humans be humans: enable connection and communication, but don’t insert yourself into the business relationship

      Anybody Consulting does not get involved in the “human” aspects of selection, verifying expertise, or settling disputes. Netflix spends millions of dollars so a computer can come up with personalized movie recommendations in milliseconds, but it still takes the average user 18 minutes to decide which of those recommendations was the right one. Humans will only let computers do so much.

    3. Remote is good, but local is better: enable and encourage local listings

      Anybody Consulting focuses on local from the start. Though most work in the “modern economy” can be done remotely there’s nothing like a face to face meeting and meeting others in your community. Even if you use us to build your local network and never come back that’s fine with us (but we’ll miss you!)

    Isn’t this just a directory service like the Yellow Pages?

    Yes, but it’s in the cloud! Jokes aside, Anybody Consulting is an experiment to see if a low cost site can help the local consulting marketplace and let the humans get back to human stuff. It’s been a wild ride so far and waking up and seeing the user stats are one of the highlights of my day. Hearing the stories from the people behind the numbers has been even better. Thanks for visiting and good luck in your work!

    - Mike (contact@anybody.consulting)

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